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Leadership Development

Our highly interactive leadership development and management training programs have been very well received by clients across North America and Europe.   Whether you are in need of a customised training program to address your specific needs or interested in our established programs, we can facilitate workshops that are tailored to suit your organization. 

Create True Leaders

Our Leadership Development programs help identify leaders who drive strategic innovation and enrich the organizational experience enterprise-wide.

Close Leadership Gaps

For a leader to be effective, they must understand what their organization needs to move the needle from where they are now to where they want to be. Our learning and development methods allow participants to reflect, identify strengths and developmental opportunities, how to correct them, and how to set a powerful framework for progressive growth, moving forward.

Create a Culture of Questioning

Maintaining the organizational status quo is the fastest way to go nowhere. Our process of coaching and mentoring leaders on how to invite scrutiny from their peers and direct reports, fostering healthy conflict, raising expectations and fostering change. Effective leaders create open dialogue, adapt faster, change for the better, and increase levels of employee commitment and engagement.

Get Inspired

Above everything else, leaders strive to be inspiring and uplifting. We guide leaders on best practices to lead and communicate in a manner that instigates action from all levels throughout an organization.


News Updatesnews
Integral HR Solutions is pleased to announce that our leadership coaching and mentoring programs are now available virtually.  
Workplace Violence and Anti-Harassment training along with Accessibility-AODA compliance training modules are now available (onsite and virtual).  

Client Updatesnews

Integral HR Solutions is thrilled to announce that Olivia Masella has joined our team in the capacity of Project Lead.  Olivia is pursuing her Masters in IR/HR at the University of Toronto.  

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