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Labour Relations

With vast experience negotiating Collective Agreements, our subject matter experts are here to assist.  We promote harmonious and respectful labour/management relations and professional collaboration between all concerned parties.  Integral HR Solutions specializes in negotiating collective agreements and managing grievances. 

Frontline Experience

With a vast understanding of workplace operations and employee expectations, we can offer practical labour relations support. There can be many challenges in organizations of all sizes. When not resolved effectively, they can stunt the growth of a business and create further complications.

We specialize in problem-solving. Our experienced professionals have provided solutions to a myriad of internal issues, from the trivial to the complex. Your organization can have peace of mind that labour disputes and unrest are in good hands.

Proven Process

All our services in labour relations render with a proficiency that provides solutions, including further prevention. Our team will offer training and advisement on all relevant matters, ensuring your business runs smoothly should grievances arise.  Labour relations challenges such as collective bargaining, and grievance management are all thoroughly covered.


Organizations can rest assured that our labour relations services are delivered by highly competent subject matter experts. Our knowledgeable team comprehends the intricacy and delicate situations that may appear in a working environment - and there's no service better to handle them competently.


News Updatesnews
Integral HR Solutions is pleased to announce that our leadership coaching and mentoring programs are now available virtually.  
Workplace Violence and Anti-Harassment training along with Accessibility-AODA compliance training modules are now available (onsite and virtual).  

Client Updatesnews

Integral HR Solutions is thrilled to announce that Olivia Masella has joined our team in the capacity of Project Lead.  Olivia is pursuing her Masters in IR/HR at the University of Toronto.  

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