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I have been fortunate to partner with Anthony Folan of Integral HR Solutions through a significant and complex organizational change management initiative. His creative thinking and facilitative approach resulted in attaining our goal of successfully integrating critical HR practices with our strategic business plans.A highly effective leader with a solid business acumen, Anthony has established himself as an extremely competent HR practitioner. Displaying professionalism while providing sage advice allows him to build instant rapport and credibility with individuals at all levels within organizations. I take this opportunity to wish Anthony continued success with Integral HR Solutions.

-  John K. Gordon - Senior VP, Methanex  03/03/2016
I have sought out the counsel of Anthony in the area of Human Resource Management for several years. Anthony has a wealth of experience and is a recognized expert in this field. He is a highly focused professional who is able to get to the heart of an issue quickly and provide value to organizations on both tactical and strategic Human Resource issues. Anthony is able to quickly build rapport with a team and gain the trust of any group. From this position he is able to provide open, honest and pertinent feedback to the leadership team that helps to materially improve the organization. From a coaching perspective, I have always found his advice to be both practical and sound, and would recommend Anthony and Integral HR Solutions to any organization looking for a professional approach in managing HR projects.

-  Peter Heysel P. Eng VP - Engineering Genalta Power  03/03/2016
Anthony has been a great help to ARENDAL. With his excellence in people skills, he has been instrumental in uncapping our energy and fostering the flow of ideas. Most important, he is very much ground oriented, thus the ideas and energy are transformed to practical, effective and doable actions for our company. He has been able to achieve the above despite the cultural differences realized when working in Mexico. Initially we called on Anthony to facilitate a Vision and Values session with our senior leadership team. Based on the outstanding results, we continue to count in him to provide support to the rest of the organization.

-  Jesus Garcia Pons - President ARB Arendal  03/05/2017
Anthony has become an invaluable resource for our management team. His assistance with policy creation, workplace investigations and staff training has been exceptional. We look forward to continuing to utilize Anthony's expertise in the years to come. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for an Executive Level HR Professional.

-  Kevin Goodhand CA, CPA - COO Duststop Air Filters  03/03/2016
I'm pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Anthony Folan. Anthony has worked with Pemco Inc. for a number of years as our (in residence) consultant. Although his primary mandate at Pemco is human resources and labour relations, his vast experience in general business has allowed us to take advantage of his expanded skill-set through his active participation in other key functional areas within our company. Most importantly, Anthony's dedication and commitment to Pemco and its stakeholders is beyond reproach. His willingness to apply his superior knowledge to real business settings has resulted in many positive outcomes for Pemco over many years. It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend Anthony to any organization searching for a Human Resources/Labour Relations expert with demonstrated skill, experience, and the ability to deliver superior results

-  Doug Billyard CEO Drive Star Group of Companies  13/10/2018
Anthony Folan has a rare combination of skills and competencies for a HR professional. He is well in- tune with the people and process aspects of a business; as a result he is able to provide excellent leadership on both fronts. I have worked with Anthony on a number of critical initiatives and to date his advice has been well grounded and practical. As we introduce organizational and cultural change within our manufacturing environment, Anthony is supporting us by facilitating a paradigm shift. I am confident our initiatives will be truly successful. Anthony truly 'becomes a partner' in the businesses that he supports, it is a pleasure working with him.

-  Zack Velji VP & General Manager Senior Flexonics  12/12/2014
Anthony Folan brings tremendous vigour and enthusiasm to the advice and counsel that he has provided to our surgical practice. As employers of over 60 staff in three offices, our group of six specialists found it virtually impossible to stay abreast of the many changes that characterise the realm of HR today. Anthony has implemented a bottom-up reorganisation of all aspects of HR in our practice and remains available on a daily basis for any and all issues that require his intervention and guidance. This has allowed us to establish a professional ' best in class ' mechanism for dealing with both the day-to-day and the occasional contentious staff issues that inevitably will arise and carry on with the business of patient care, our primary focus. We would recommend Anthony to any busy health care professional.

-  Douglas J. Paterson DDS, MD, FRCD(C) Oral Surgeon  03/03/2016
Anthony Folan (Integral HR Solutions Inc.) continues to impress us with his professionalism and dedication. We see Anthony as a trusted advisor, whether through coaching sessions or his interactive educational seminars, he provides us with an excellent foundation of best in class HR practices and strategies. We have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and the services he provides.

-  Cole International Inc. - David Venning, Director  12/12/2014
As General Manager of a fast-paced yet lean manufacturing organization, I count on Anthony Folan to provide counsel and guidance related to all matters pertaining to Ontario Employment Standards/HR legislative requirements. Anthony has become a valued business partner, providing sound advice and practical counsel to me and my management team. With a wealth of real world business experience, Anthony offers tremendous insight and guidance on the human resources management side of the business. I recommend Anthony to any professional organization, looking for affordable professional results.

-  AceyKaspar - General Manager, ACAT Global / Emico  12/12/2014
Anthony Folan is a hand’s on HR specialist who is able to see the long term big picture for his clients. Anthony works closely with senior management to create individualized go forward plans that motivated employees thrive under, bringing new initiative and focus to assist management reach its goals. Anthony’s energy and willingness to do the heavy lifting has a direct impact on the people he works with and assists. Anthony’s knowledge of the relevant legislation together with his experience allows him to assist employers spot and solve problems before they occur in many instances. Over time as employment legal counsel since the early 80’s, I have witnessed Anthony’s ability to provide clients with cost effective solutions to employment problems that solves their employment management needs in many instances. I recommend Anthony to any employer seeking to manage their work force to avoid the traps that frequently present in our increasingly litigious environment.

-  Robert F. Tighe Barristers & Solicitors. Robert  12/12/2014
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