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Providing leadership to organizations at times of change and transition is of critical importance to Integral HR Solutions. Partnering with clients we establish and introduce processes and programs that align employee behaviour and performance with organizational needs and objectives. This powerful alliance aids employee retention while fostering results oriented cultures. 


We provide a wide variety of support, services and training that include but are not limited to:


Conflict & Dispute Resolution 

Mitigating conflict within organizations has a significant impact on employee relations and will result in increased performance and productivity. With over 20 years of mediating and resolving employee conflict in manufacturing, distribution, health care and retail sectors, we are prepared to assist you in addressing and resolving your employee relations concerns.  


Recruitment, Retention, & Employee Engagement Interventions

The cost of making an inappropriate hiring decision is significant. Our proven recruitment process includes competency based behavioural based interviewing, psychological testing, and a thorough background check. Adopting this proven process can greatly increase your chance of success in securing the right employee. 


Leadership Coaching - Management Training & Development                                                                                    

In today’s competitive and results oriented environments providing supervisory training to your frontline supervisors and managers is a must. We have identified that frontline supervisors and managers face some universal challenges regardless of their industry. We have established a number of interactive workshops that range from .5 day to 2 days in length. We customize our session to meet your needs, and provide participants with a quality toolkit that has a focus on people & process management.  


At Integral HR solutions we design and facilitate a variety of leadership and change management modules that support the leaders within your organization. These sessions range from 1 to 4 days in length and are customized to meet your ever-changing needs.  


Bill 168 & Bill 132 – Workplace Violence & Anti-Harassment – Legislative Requirements 

We work with clients to ensure that they are compliant in all aspects of legislative requirements.  Under the OH&S Act employers are required to develop written policies with respect to both workplace violence and workplace harassment.  Policies and procedures are to be reviewed at least once per year with employees.  Employers must provide information and instruction (training) to workers/supervisors and management on the contents of the organization’s violence and harassment policy, program and emergency procedures.  Employers are required to develop and maintain programs to implement the policies and to deal with incidents and complaints of workplace violence, harasssment and sexual harassment.  


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) – Legislative Requirements 

We work closely with clients to ensure they become compliant under AODA.  Organizations with fewer than 20 employees, must create an Accessibility Policy, establish policies, practices and procedures on providing goods or services to people with disabilities.  In addition, employers are required to establish a process for people to provide feedback on how they provide goods or services to people with disabilities and how they will respond to any feedback and take action on any complaints. The information about the feedback process must be made readily available to the public. Organizations that employ 50 or more face more stringent legislative requirements.   We remain available to provide a complimenatry consult to assess your compliance needs. 


Based out of Sarnia and Brampton Ontario, Integral HR Solutions is in a positon to provide support to organizations in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA. 



Leadership Coaching

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