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It’s important to note that we do not operate as an employment agency, nor do we have a database of hundreds of job seekers from a wide variety of market or industry sectors.   

What we do have…  is a track record of successfully recruiting, screening, and placing highly competent people for clients across North America.  

Quite simply, we are in the relationship building business.   Taking the time and effort to understand the needs of our clients is critical.  We place a significant emphasis on ensuring that anyone we place is the right ‘fit’ and has the opportunity to become a long-term success story with our clients.

We truly believe that hiring the right person and having the right people combinations within organizations can result in improved levels of employee engagement that has a direct impact on performance and profitability.

Our genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with our agility enables us to respond swiftly to address our clients’ needs.

Our proven processes allow us to recruit and place competent individuals at all levels within organizations.  That said, we have carved out in niche in recruiting for leadership and business development roles.

We are on the ground facilitating recruitment and selection support for organizations in the Sarnia, Southwestern Ontario market as well as Brampton and the surrounding GTA.

We also support a number of US based firms that require support for their Canadian operations.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your needs.  A complimentary consult is always available. 

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