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Introducing a fair and objective process to investigate allegations of workplace harassment and workplace violence is of critical importance. Not only do organizations have a legislated requirement (Bill 132 & Bill 168), it's prudent to manage the process effectively in order to remedy the situation and minimize the legal risk.

Harassment and violence in the workplace as well as matters that relate to violation of the Human Rights Code are becoming more frequent.  Any claims and/or allegations of inappropriate behaviour should be managed objectively using prove processes and methodologies. Mismanaged investigations can result in legal ramifications and significant cost to the organization.

Anthony Folan of Integral HR Solutions has successfully managed a wide variety of workplace investigations for clients throughout North America.  Successful interventions have been conducted in both unionized and non-unionized environments, healthcare, police services and technical institutions as well as retail environments. 

Our proven processes and methodologies include the following:

Integral HR Solutions remains available to conduct workplace harassment investigations for clients in Sarnia, Southwestern Ontario as well as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We also provide (in-house) Workplace Investigations Training for organizations that manage such situations in-house.  

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