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Anthony Folan is a hand’s on HR specialist who is able to see the long term big picture for his clients. Anthony works closely with senior management to create individualized go forward plans that motivated employees thrive under, bringing new initiative and focus to assist management reach its goals. Anthony’s energy and willingness to do the heavy lifting has a direct impact on the people he works with and assists. Anthony’s knowledge of the relevant legislation together with his experience allows him to assist employers spot and solve problems before they occur in many instances. Over time as employment legal counsel since the early 80’s, I have witnessed Anthony’s ability to provide clients with cost effective solutions to employment problems that solves their employment management needs in many instances. I recommend Anthony to any employer seeking to manage their work force to avoid the traps that frequently present in our increasingly litigious environment.

-  Robert F. Tighe Barristers & Solicitors. Robert  12/12/2014
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